DatasetMaryGold 7 ecoli simulated metagenome assembly (AMOS bank)

?titleMaryGold 7 ecoli simulated metagenome assembly (AMOS bank)
?creatorNijkamp, J.F.
?date accepted2013
?date published2013
A shotgun dataset was simulated with the 454sim v1.04 package (Lysholm et al., 2011) using default settings from the genomes of seven E. coli strains, to illustrate the effect on metagenome assembly of multiple closely related genomes. The strains were ABU83972
gi|386637352|ref|NC_017631.1|; BL21_gold gi|253771435|ref|NC_012947.1|; CFT073
gi|26245917|ref|NC_004431.1|; K12_DH10B
gi|170079663|ref|NC_010473.1|; O104_H4
gi|410480139|ref|NC_018650.1|; O26_H11
?publisherDelft University of Technology
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?related publicationnew windowExploring variation-aware contig graphs for (comparative) metagenomics using MaryGold (article, 2013)
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