DatasetDevelopment of an in vitro vascular network using zebrafish embryonic cells

?titleDevelopment of an in vitro vascular network using zebrafish embryonic cells
?creatororcidIbrahim, M. (Muhammad)
?contributorGenerade program of the Center of Expertise Genomics in Leiden
?contributorInstitute of Biology Leiden, Leiden University
?contributorSmart Mix programme of the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Netherlands Scientific Research Council
?contributorUniversity of Agriculture Peshawar, Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
?date accepted2017-03-30
?date created2012-08 through 2017-03
?date published2017
This data set belong to the PhD thesis "Development of an in vitro vascular network using zebrafish embryonic cell". The thesis contain five chapters including one review chapter and four research chapters. Data for each chapter is distributed in separate zip folders. Within each chapter the data is divided in sub folders with each of the sub folders containing data for one figure of the chapter. Within each of the figure folder a data description file is given which contain a brief description of the data in that folder. The data is collected by culturing zebrafish embryonic cells in different conditions and isolating the cells for counting of the differentiated vascular cells or imaging the cultures for analysing the development of vascular networks overtime. Different conditions tested are different media compositions; suspension or adherent culture; growth factors supplementation; different extracellular matrix substrates; and microfluidic or static culture.
?publisherLeiden University
?subjectAngiogenesis ● Blastocyst cell culture ● Embryoid bodies ● Endothelial cells ● Endothelial growth supplement ● Explant culture ● Extracellular matrix substrate ● fli:GFP ● hanging drop culture ● In vitro vascular network ● kdrl:GFP ● Microfluidics ● Vascular sprouting ● Vasculogenesis ● Zebrafish
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contents of this dataset:
data chapter 2 beyond organoids vasculogenesis and angiogenesis.7z
data chapter 3 zebrafish blastocyst cell culture.7z
data chapter 4 optimizing conditions for endothelial differentiation.7z
data chapter 5 embryoid body culture.7z
data chapter 6 zebrafish in vitro vascular network.7z
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