DatasetNatural fracture patterns in carbonate rocks

?titleNatural fracture patterns in carbonate rocks
?creatororcidKevin Bisdom
?date accepted2015-03-02
?date created2012-11 / 2012-12
?date published2015
Geometries of 2 fracture families in a carbonate pavement. Lengths of the fractures have been digitized and stored. The data is collected as part of a fieldwork to characterize natural fracture systems in a folded carbonate formation, with the aim of studying the role between large-scale folding and small-scale fracturing. In addition, the specific data from this outcrop has been used in geomechanical and flow models, focusing on stress-driven aperture modelling and quantification of fluid flow. The data has been digitized using DigiFract software, developed at TU Delft (Hardebol & Bertotti, 2003, Computers & Geoscience)
?formatSTEP 3D CAD File (ISO-10303)
?publisherTU Delft
?subjectapplied geology ● carbonate rocks ● fluid flow patterns ● natural fractures ● rock mechanics
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