DatasetSand Motor raw data 2011-2016

?titleSand Motor raw data 2011-2016
?creatorOregon State University
?creatorProvincie Zuid-Holland
?creatorShore Monitoring and Research
?creatorTU Delft
?creatorUniversity of Twente
?creatorUtrecht University
?creatorVan Oord
?creatorVU University Amsterdam
?creatorWageningen University
?contributororcidKees den Heijer
?date accepted2017-05-08
?date created2011 through 2017
?date published2017
Subversion repository dump of raw data collected at Sand Motor (2011-2016) and corresponding tailored scripts to create standardized data products from that.
?publisherTU Delft, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Department of Hydraulic Engineering
?subjectCoastal management ● Coastal protection ● Dutch coast ● Sand Motor
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?spatial coverage
?map-logomapMap [kml]
Places that are related to the Zandmotor (Sand Motor). This includes the Zandmotor and places in it, as well as broader parts of the Dutch coast.
?time coverage
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