DatasetGlobal water footprint maps for selected crops (1996-2005)

?titleGlobal water footprint maps for selected crops (1996-2005)
?creatororcidMekonnen, M.M.
?creatororcidHoekstra, A.Y.
?date accepted2013
?date created2010
?date published2010
The maps show the water footprints of crops on a spatial resolution level of 5 by 5 arc minute. The data shown are averages over the period 1996-2005. The data are shown in mm/yr and have been calculated by dividing the total water footprint per grid cell (in m3/yr) by the area of the grid cell.
?publisherUNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education
?subjectsustainability ● water footprint
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