DatasetThe Maven Dependency Dataset

?titleThe Maven Dependency Dataset
?creatorSteven Raemaekers
?creatororcidArie van Deursen
?creatorJoost Visser
?contributorSoftware Engineering Research Group (SERG), TU Delft
?contributorSoftware Improvement Group (SIG), Amsterdam
?date accepted2013-01-10
?date created2012-06 to 2013-01
?date published2013
The Maven Dependency Dataset contains the data as described in the paper "Mining Metrics, Changes and Dependencies from the Maven Dependency Dataset".
NOTE: See the README.TXT file for more information on the data in this dataset.
The dataset consists of multiple parts: A snapshot of the Maven repository dated July 30, 2011 (maven.tar.gz), a MySQL database (complete.tar.gz) containing information on individual methods, classes and packages of different library versions, a Berkeley DB database (berkeley.tar.gz) containing metrics on all methods, classes and packages in the repository, a Neo4j graph database (graphdb.tar.gz) containing a call graph of the entire repository, scripts and analysis files (scriptsAndData.tar.gz), Source code and a binary package of the analysis software (fullmaven.jar and fullmaven-sources.jar), and text dumps of data in these databases (graphdump.tar.gz, processed.tar.gz, calls.tar.gz and units.tar.gz).
?publisherSoftware Engineering Research Group (SERG), TU Delft
?subjectBreaking changes ● Maven repository ● Software evolution ● Third-party libraries
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Data files - 12 files in 1 dirs, total size 280 GB (300572667370) - file extensions: .TXT .gz .jar
mime types: application/java-archive, application/x-tar-gz
berkeley.tar.gz18.2 GB19519425071◄Large file. Download may take a long time.
calls.tar.gz1001 MB1049626301
complete.tar.gz52.1 MB54581015
fullmaven-sources.jar42.3 MB44378988
fullmaven.jar46.0 MB48254185
graphdb.tar.gz4.18 GB4491341089◄Large file. Download may take a long time.
graphdump.tar.gz377 MB395701529
maven.tar.gz254 GB273070009909◄Large file. Download may take a long time.
processed.tar.gz1.30 GB1394053103
README.TXT5.16 kB5286
scriptsAndData.tar.gz44.7 MB46872095
units.tar.gz437 MB458418799
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