DatasetCFD in drinking water treatment - movies 4

?titleCFD in drinking water treatment - movies 4
?creatororcidscopusWols, B.A.
?contributorDelft University of Technology
?contributorJoint Water Supply Companies (BTO)
?contributorKWR Watercycle Research Institute
?date accepted2010
?date created2010
?date published2010-05-20
Movie files used in the PhD thesis: "CFD in drinking water treatment". The movies show the particle positions. The UV dose is indicated by the colour.
?publisherDelft University of Technology
?rightsDelft University of Technology, KWR Watercycle Research Institute
?subjectcomputational fluid dynamics ● large-eddy simulation ● particle tracking ● UV reactors
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Datasets used in the PhD thesis: "CFD in drinking water treatment". The data consist of CFD results and measurements in ozone systems and UV systems.
?subjectMeasurements of flow velocities ● ozone installations
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?is required bynew windowCFD in drinking water treatment: [dissertation, Wols, B.A., 2010]
?related publicationnew windowA systematic approach for the design of UV reactors using computational fluid dynamics (article, 2010)
?related publicationnew windowEvaluation of different disinfection calculation methods using CFD (article 2009)
?related publicationnew windowEvaluation of experimental techniques to validate numerical computations of the hydraulics inside a UV bench-scale reactor (article, 2010)
?related publicationnew windowResidence Time Distributions in Ozone Contactors (article, 2008)
contents of this dataset:
CFD LES reference particles DOSE.mpg
CFD LES upstream baffle particles DOSE.mpg
CFD reference particles DOSE.mpg
CFD upstream baffle particles DOSE.mpg
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