DatasetCorpus of Social Touch (CoST)

?titleCorpus of Social Touch (CoST)
?creatororcidJung, M.M. (Merel)
?contributorHeylen, D.K.J. (Dirk)
?contributorPoel, M. (Mannes)
?contributorPoppe, R. (Ronald)
?contributorUniversity of Twente, Human Media Interaction
?date accepted2016-06-01
?date created2014
?date published2016
CoST: Corpus of Social Touch, is a collection containing 7805 gesture captures of 14 different social touch gestures. The gestures were performed in three variations: gentle, normal and rough, on a pressure sensor grid wrapped around a mannequin arm.
?publisherUniversity of Twente
?subjectAffective computing ● Haptics ● Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) ● Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) ● Pattern recognition ● Social touch ● Touch gestures
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?related publicationnew windowA Neural Network Based Approach to Social Touch Classification (ERM4HCI '14, 2014)
?related publicationnew windowAutomatic recognition of touch gestures in the corpus of social touch (article, 2016)
?related publicationnew windowTouch Challenge '15: Recognizing Social Touch Gestures (ICMI '15, 2015)
?related publicationnew windowTouching the Void -- Introducing CoST: Corpus of Social Touch (ICMI '14, 2014)
?related publicationnew windowTowards Social Touch Intelligence: Developing a Robust System for Automatic Touch Recognition (ICMI '14, 2014)
?rightsnew windowCC BY-NC-SA 4.0
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