DatasetDatabase of femur samples

?titleDatabase of femur samples
?creatorJavad Hazrati-Marangalou
?contributorBert van Rietbergen
?contributorKeita Ito
?date accepted2013
?date published2013
The dataset includes a database of human proximal femora:
The database was built in the course of VPHOP or the Osteoporotic Virtual Physiological Human project ( This data collection is accessible and open to use in the research projects upon proper referencing to the published papers and the database itself.
A total of 33 human cadaver femora were collected. The mean age of the donors was 77.8±10.0 years (range 61-95 years), 17 donors were female and 16 donors were male.
Each entry in the database contains the finite element model input file in ANSYS format (*.cdb files), a tabular file containing microstructural parameters measured at the location of each element (*.dat) and the reconstructed microCT images of the sample (*.aim). Additional files for each sample such as microCT images and the different masks can be provided upon request.
?publisherEindhoven University of Technology
?subjectBone mechanics
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?related publicationnew windowHazrati Marangalou J, Ito K, Cataldi M, Taddei F, van Rietbergen B. A novel approach to estimate trabecular bone anisotropy using a database approach. Journal of Biomechanics 2013;46: 2356-2362
?related publicationnew windowPatient specific prediction of bone failure using microstructure-enhanced continuum finite element models / Javad Hazrati Marangalou (dissertation, 2013)
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