DatasetMegapex2014 intertidal morphology, Sand Motor

?titleMegapex2014 intertidal morphology, Sand Motor
?creatorCohn, N. (Nicholas) (Oregon State University)
?contributororcidde Vries, S. (Sierd)
?contributororcidHoonhout, B.M. (Bas)
?contributorTU Delft, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Department of Hydraulic Engineering
?date accepted2017-01-20
?date created2016-03-23T15:28:26Z
?date published2017
Megapex2014 RTK GPS surveys of intertidal morphology and subaerial beach
?subjectAcoustic Doppler Current Profilers ● currents ● fixed ADCP ● Sand Motor ● waves
?time coveragemonths 2014-09 to 2014-10 - 2014-09-16T11:54:08Z/2014-10-23T08:41:30Z
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?spatial coverage
?map-logomapMap [kml]
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