DatasetDischarge of the river Rhine and river Waal

?titleDischarge of the river Rhine and river Waal
?creatorHetzer, S. (Steffen)
?contributorSloff, C.J. (Kees)
?contributorTU Delft, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Department of Hydraulic Engineering
?date accepted2017-05-03
?date created1993 through 2003
?date published2005
Dataset containing measured discharge data of Rhine and Waal river plus additional data, used for a model to compute navigability of these rivers, including output data
?publisherTU Delft
?spatial coverageWaal (river) - Waal and Rhine river
?subjectriver discharge ● river morphology ● river navigability ● river navigation
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?time coverage
?related publicationnew windowNavigability of the river Waal: [masterThesis, Hetzer, S., 2005]
+contents of this dataset, 530 files
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