StudyRiver Basin Hydrology study, CRPGL

?titleRiver Basin Hydrology study, CRPGL
?contributorCentre de Recherche Public Gabriel Lippmann (CRPGL)
Although societal hazard related to hydrological events has increased dramatically over time, our understanding of the discharge generating processes is still deficient.
The main challenges appear to be related to the scale of the processes.
Hydrological processes are highly heterogeneous, non-linear and interconnected.
Upscaling from micro- to catchment scale and subsequent parametrisation appears undoable because of data requirements,
model complexity, computational time requirements, and equifinality (implying that different combinations of parameters generate equally good results).
This research is looking for answers to match the observed complexity at the plot-scale, with the apparent simplicity that arises at the catchment scale.
One of the key processes in the watersheds of the Meuse and Rhine is the rapid sub-surface flow, a process which is still poorly understood.
In the Heuwelerbach the study focusses on understanding the sub-surface contribution to rapid discharge.
The research is a collaboration between the Gabriel Lippmann Institute and the Departement Physical Geography, Faculty of GeoScience, Utrecht University and the hydrology chair of the TUD.
?subjecthydrology; soil moisture; run-off; rainfall; precipitation; river basin; discharge; modelling; flood forecasting
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