Measuring instrumentMaisbich basin: V-notch discharge meter Q1

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?titleMaisbich basin: V-notch discharge meter Q1
?date2003-09-19 (installation)
Type: Pressure Sensor Keller DCX-4.0, SN 1454
This instrument is based on differential pressure measurement of two absolute sensors. The sensors measure pressure and temperature.
Height of V-notch above sensor: hV=0.145m.
The discharge is calculated with the rating curve Q=C*(h-hV)^2.5 where C is a calibration constant and h results from the pressure difference (Willem Luxemburg, Martijn Westhoff).
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?has measured Maisbich (Luxemburg), data from discharge meter Q1, 2008-06 and later
?has measured Maisbich (Luxemburg), measured data from discharge meter Q1, 2003-12 to 2008-05
?used forMaisbich River Basin Hydrology Study, CITG