Measuring instrumentUseldange, Attert basin: Discharge meter

?titleUseldange, Attert basin: Discharge meter
?date01-01-2004 (installation)
ISCO 4120 ultrasonic sensor (ceramic pressure membrane).
Measures water pressure (?).
The sensor is installed under a bridge (?).
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The measurement station of Useldange in the Attert river (LU) is part of a wider hydro-climatological measurement network, encompassing the whole of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Discharge data obtained by the measurment stations are used for hydrological modeling, floodforcasting, climate change analysis and analytical hydrology.
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?extentSurface area 245 km2
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?has measured All data measured by discharge meter in Attert basin
?used forRiver Basin Hydrology study, CITG