Measuring instrumentHuewelerbach basin: Interception measurement device

?titleHuewelerbach basin: Interception measurement device
According to original data the location is Westerbork NL but this is probably wrong
Evaporation measument.
Area basin 1.00 m2, 2x3 strain gauges: type FLA-6, resistance 120 Ohm.
Valve (< 18 jan 2006): electronic magnetic valve Type: MBMG2Z-1263008-12V. (KOBOLD Instrumentatie BV, Arnhem)
Valve (>=18 jan 2006): electronic magnetic valve (12VDC) Type: MBMG2Z-1264020. Messing 3/4 " (KOBOLD Instrumentatie BV, Arnhem)
Temperature sensor: LM335, output 10 mV/K (Farnell).
Throughfall: tipping bucket (?) & pluvio meters (?).
Meaning of data is unclear (?)
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?altitude (m)400
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?has measured All data measured by interception measurement device in Huewerbach basin
?used forHuewelerbach River Basin Hydrology study, CITG