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314Industrial estates and land use plans NL
15Darelux - River Environment Luxemburg
9Traffic flow observations
1Atmospheric observations Cabauw
1DENlab wind and solar data
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Brenta (river)Location
Data point on river BrentaLocation
Data point on river TiberLocation
Veneto (province)Location
Data points on Tiber and Brenta riversLocation
Balgzand (tidal flat)Location
Est Region, Burkina FasoLocation
Kompienga (province)Location
Tambarga, MadjoariLocation
Madjoari (department)Location
Hondsbossche Duinen beachLocation
soil salinity measurement location on Terschelling beachLocation
the Hors beach, TexelLocation
Measurement locations on Texel, Terschellling and Hondsbossche DuinenLocation
Antenna on roof of NMi building in DelftLocation
Raam soil moisture measurement networkLocation
Raam catchment areaLocation
Intertidal flats inc. oyster/mussel reefs south of Schiermonnikoog, NetherlandsLocation
Oyster/mussel reef south of Schiermonnikoog #2Location
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