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?titleZandmotor data
?titleSand Motor data
?creatorProvincie Zuid-Holland
?date published2017
The Sand Motor on the Delfland Coast was created in 2011 as a peninsula covering 128 hectares. Natural processes, like wind and currents, are redistributing the sand gradually along the shoreface, beach and dunes. It is an innovative pilot project for coastline management intended to contribute to coastal protection in the long term. The intention was also to create an additional appealing area for nature and leisure activities on the Delfland Coast and to boost current knowledge about coastline management. A monitoring programme has been conducted to see whether this innovative method for coastal protection actually works. Data are collected 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The first official monitoring results have become available in 2016.
?subjectCoastal management ● Coastal protection ● Dutch coast ● Sand Motor
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Places that are related to the Zandmotor (Sand Motor). This includes the Zandmotor and places in it, as well as broader parts of the Dutch coast.
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