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Default collection of datasets uploaded by users.
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? ▼ contains100-year flood susceptibility maps for the continental U.S. derived with a geomorphic method
? ▼ contains3D Cell Phenotyping Data
? ▼ contains3D city model of the TU Delft campus (TUDelft_campus_2007_CityGML_LOD1)
? ▼ contains3D Dense DTS: temperature data from waterbodies subject to thermohaline stratification - Laboratory measurements and field campaigns in the Noordplas Polder and at Kortenhoef
? ▼ containsA free-surface solar pond model with a sloping edge: model code and data
? ▼ containsA free-surface solar pond model with a sloping edge: model code and data (version 1)
? ▼ containsA video registration of auto-combustion synthesis experiments of perovskite-type oxides SrTi1-xFexO3-δ
? ▼ containsA Year-Long Large-Eddy Simulation of the Weather over Cabauw
? ▼ containsAgricultural machinery industry survey Pakistan (Punjab), 1994
? ▼ containsAn axisymmetric hydrodynamical model: model code and data
? ▼ containsAn axisymmetric hydrodynamical model: model code and data (version 1)
? ▼ containsAndreev Molecules in Semiconductor Nanowire Double Quantum Dots
? ▼ containsAnnotated images of the Dutch coast
? ▼ containsBackground data for "Joukowsky actuator disc momentum theory"
? ▼ containsBallistic superconductivity in semiconductor nanowires
? ▼ containsBee pollination vs. strawberry yield, quality and commercial value
? ▼ containsBehavioural observations of pig kept under different sanitary conditions
? ▼ containsBuilding with Nature @ TU Delft 2015
? ▼ containsCapillary Desaturation Curve for fractures additional figures
? ▼ containsCharacterization of Deuterium Content in Virgin Lithium Samples using Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy
? ▼ containsClimate data used to study the potential impacts of climate change on future hydrological regimes and water resources (2010-2050) in the Philippines
? ▼ containsClosing the sea level budget on a regional scale: Trends and variability on the Northwestern European continental shelf
? ▼ containsComplex refractive index of ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) - ITO cover slides from Optics Balzers
? ▼ containsComposite case of conditions leading to high peak precipitation intensities in the Netherlands
? ▼ containsComputer-based fear regulation during virtual reality exposure for social anxiety
? ▼ containsCondroz Sandstone - Carriere Durnal Laser Scanning Point Clouds - Raw Data
? ▼ containsCorpus of Social Touch (CoST)
? ▼ containsCrowdsourced time commentary on an audiovisual recording of Beethoven's Eroica symphony
? ▼ containsData for Unsteady Actuator Disc Experiment - August 2015
? ▼ containsData Journals: A Survey - Tables
? ▼ containsData presented in the Paper "Behavioral self-organization underlies the resilience of a coastal ecosystem” by De Paoli et al (PNAS 2017)
? ▼ containsData set for the published article "On the transformation behaviour of NiTi particulate reinforced AA2124 composites"
? ▼ containsData set used for Verkade et al, 2013, Post-processing ECMWF precipitation and temperature ensemble reforecasts for operational hydrologic forecasting at various spatial scales, submitted to Journal of Hydrology
? ▼ containsData Supplement to: Brief Communication: The global signature of post-1900 land ice wastage on vertical land motion
? ▼ containsData with "Shellfish reefs increase water storage capacity on intertidal flats over extensive spatial scales"
? ▼ containsData-driven identification of prognostic tumor subpopulations using spatially mapped t-SNE of mass spectrometry imaging data: supplementary MSI data and analysis implementation of paper
? ▼ containsDataset belonging to the paper: Generating Situation-based Motivational Feedback in a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder E-health System
? ▼ containsDelft Windmill Interior and Exterior Laser Scanning Point Clouds - The Raw Data
? ▼ containsDesign and Application Evaluation of Pedestrian Crossing Protector
? ▼ containsDesigning of a hydrological rainfall-runoff scale model
? ▼ containsDeterministic fracture network models from the Potiguar basin, Brazil
? ▼ containsDie Gestalt von natürlichen Steinen und ihr Fallverhalten in Wasser
? ▼ containsDiffusion driven concerted motion of surface atoms: Ge on Ge(001)
? ▼ containsDirect Free Energy Calculation in the Continuous Fractional Component Gibbs Ensemble
? ▼ containsDisentangling somatosensory evoked potentials of the fingers: limitations and clinical potential. Raw data
? ▼ containsDNS pipe flow data Re = 5300
? ▼ containsDrukbestanden Steenzettingen
? ▼ containsDynamics of mangrove in lower Mekong delta
? ▼ containsEcosystem Services in Protected Areas
? ▼ containsEMP and LA-ICP-MS analysis of clinopyroxene and olivine crystals from the activity of Mt. Somma-Vesuvius
? ▼ containsEngineering: Building with Nature 101x: series of 11 videos
? ▼ containsEnquete arbeidsmarkt voor fysici 2002
? ▼ containsEntanglement Distillation between Solid-State Quantum Network Nodes
? ▼ containsEvaluation of data repositories based on the FAIR Principles for IDCC 2017 practice paper
? ▼ containsExperimental parameter study for passive vortex generators on a thick airfoil
? ▼ containsExperimental study on entrainment of large wood in lowland rivers
? ▼ containsFEVER - feature oriented history of the Linux kernel
? ▼ containsFEVER: the Feature Evolution Extractor Dataset - Linux releases
? ▼ containsFirst ecological study of the Bawean warty pig (Sus blouchi), Indonesia; options for wildlife conservation and community education
? ▼ containsFlow in and around a permeable breakwater
? ▼ containsForest cover mask for the Polish Carpathians late 1970s and early 1980s.
? ▼ containsForest related variables covering all of Bolivia in a 10x10 km grid
? ▼ containsFracture patterns and fluid flow in Latemar carbonate platform
? ▼ containsFracture patterns in the Jandeira Fm. (NE Brazil)
? ▼ containsGauge-cam videos of river flow of the Tiber river
? ▼ containsGC mattress construction tests, testing an execution method for freespan remediation
? ▼ containsGeoelec data supplement
? ▼ containsGLIC allosteric network simulation data
? ▼ containsGlobal potential hydropower locations
? ▼ containsGravity Expeditions (at Sea) 1923-1958 Vol IV and V - Table 1 and 2
? ▼ containsGreat Pearl River Delta (GPRD), 11 economic city profiles from national, provincial and municipal planning documents
? ▼ containsGTEx (Genotype-Tissue Expression) data normalized
? ▼ containsGuided of factual SMSS UI experiment data
? ▼ containsHeart rate changes during relived happiness and anger measured with a smartphone app relying on photoplethysmography
? ▼ containsHeavy particles in turbulent flows RM-2007-GRAD-2048
? ▼ containsHigh critical magnetic field superconducting contacts to Ge/Si core/shell nanowires
? ▼ containsHighly permeable and mechanically robust silicon carbide hollow fiber membranes: Supplementary Video
? ▼ containsHistorical IP Address Routing Information
? ▼ containsHotterdam: Urban heat in Rotterdam and health effects
? ▼ containsHow should a virtual agent present psychoeducation? - Appendix
? ▼ containsInput data supporting: Atomistic understanding of cation exchange in PbS nanocrystals using simulations with pseudoligands
? ▼ containsInteracting with GPCRs; on the use of Interaction Fingerprints for Virtual Screening.
? ▼ containsIsotope depth profiles of grass and bare soil, Botanical Garden, Delft, The Netherlands
? ▼ containsJosephson radiation and shot noise of a semiconductor nanowire junction
? ▼ containsKeuzemodel Kust en Oeverwerken
? ▼ containsLaboratory experiment of a mixed-sediment Gilbert delta under varying base level
? ▼ containsLand cover ground reference data in São Paulo state, Brazil, taken in 2015
? ▼ containsLaser Diagnostics Measurements in DELFT FLAME III
? ▼ containsLDA pipe flow data
? ▼ containsLoophole-free Bell test using electron spins in diamond: second experiment and additional analysis
? ▼ containsLoophole-free Bell-inequality violation using electron spins separated by 1.3 kilometres
? ▼ containsLumbricus erythrocruorin at 3.5 Å resolution: architecture of a megadalton respiratory complex.
? ▼ containsMaryGold 7 ecoli simulated metagenome assembly (AMOS bank)
? ▼ containsMatlab code to reproduce the simulations described in 'Conformist transmission revisited. Population-level frequency dependence is insufficient to evidence individual-level conformist bias'
? ▼ containsmeasured wind-wave climatology Lake IJssel
? ▼ containsMeasurement uncertainties in quantifying aeolian mass flux: evidence from wind tunnel and field site data.
? ▼ containsMeasurements in a Carousel (metingen in een carrousel)
? ▼ containsMeasuring fast-temporal sediment fluxes with an analogue acoustic sensor: a wind tunnel study
? ▼ containsMechanical strength of inorganic porous hollow fibers: Non-solvent induced phase separation versus Bio-Ionic Gelation
? ▼ containsMechanical strength of inorganic porous hollow fibers: raw datafiles
? ▼ containsMechanically induced chemiluminescence from polymers incorporating a 1,2-dioxetane unit in the main chain
? ▼ containsMicrowave spectroscopy of spinful Andreev bound states in ballistic semiconductor Josephson junctions
? ▼ containsMicrowave spectroscopy of spinful Andreev bound states in ballistic semiconductor Josephson junctions (version 1)
? ▼ containsMining Branching LSCs: CrossFTP, Columba traces and results
? ▼ containsModeling Flow in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs: Effect of Fracture Aperture Distribution on Dominant Sub-Network for Flow
? ▼ containsModeling the biogeomorphic evolution of coastal dunes in response to climate change
? ▼ containsMonthly morphological measurements of Vlugtenburg beach (NL) - 2009-2012
? ▼ containsMotivations for Sharing Research Data at Delft University of Technology.
? ▼ containsMultimodality in the Netherlands 2004-2009
? ▼ containsMultimodality in the Netherlands 2011-2013
? ▼ containsNatural fracture patterns in carbonate rocks
? ▼ containsOdiflocs (software)
? ▼ containsOevererosie Hedel, Kerkdriel en Ooijen
? ▼ containsOrbital effect of magnetic field on Majorana phase diagram (theory)
? ▼ containsOrbital effect of magnetic field on Majorana phase diagram (theory) (version 1)
? ▼ containsParasites as prey: the effect of cercarial density and alternative prey on consumption of cercariae by four non-host species
? ▼ containsPC Overtop (software)
? ▼ containsPhotocurrent generation in semiconducting and metallic carbon nanotubes
? ▼ containsPosture corpus for the behavior generator; an expressive virtual audience with flexible behavioral styles
? ▼ containsProfiles of Amino Acids and Biogenic Amines in the Plasma of Cri-du-Chat Patients from Brazil
? ▼ containsPublic speaking training in front of an imaginary or virtual audience: A randomized controlled trial
? ▼ containsRailway Quasi-Statics: RQS 0.1
? ▼ containsRaZON+, a novel solar monitoring system: a rooftop comparison performance of SPN1, RSR2 and RaZON+
? ▼ containsReflection and transmission through a vertical, permeable breakwater
? ▼ containsRegional soil moisture monitoring network in the Raam catchment in the Netherlands
? ▼ containsResponse of the Mekong deltaic coast to its changing sediment sources and sinks
? ▼ containsResult of principal component analysis for Q-methodology of the study of the perceptions of justice regarding the carnivore conflict in Norway
? ▼ containsResults of CubeSat Survey on Electrical Interfaces & Reliability
? ▼ containsResults of Standing Balance Tests measured with the BalRoom (Balance test Room) in Healthy Elderly
? ▼ containsRevealing Invisible Water: Moisture Recycling as an Ecosystem Service
? ▼ containsRobustness of Majorana bound states in the short junction limit
? ▼ containsSandT-Pro: Sand Transport Process measurements under Breaking and Irregular Waves
? ▼ containsSeabird reproduction and diet
? ▼ containsSeasonal and latitudinal variation in seagrass mechanical traits across Europe: the influence of local nutrient status and morphometric plasticity
? ▼ containsSignatures of Majorana fermions in hybrid superconductor-semiconductor nanowire devices
? ▼ containsSoftware from the book: Introduction to Molecular Simulation and Statistical Thermodynamics
? ▼ containsSources and Transformations of Anthropogenic Nitrogen along an Urban River-Estuarine Continuum
? ▼ containsSpatio-temporal variability in accretion and erosion of coastal foredunes in The Netherlands: regional climate and local topography
? ▼ containsStable water isotopes in open water and forest floor evaporation
? ▼ containsStrawberry varieties differ in the emission of floral volatiles and wild bee visitation
? ▼ containsSugarcane ground reference data over four fields in São Paulo state, Brazil, taken in 2014 and 2015
? ▼ containsSupplementary datasets to publication about Genome wide co-expression analysis of steroid receptors in the mouse brain
? ▼ containsSupplementary material for publication "Analysis of a Clock Synchronization Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks"
? ▼ containsSurface ocean CO2 in 1990-2011 produced by using a feed-forward neural network model
? ▼ containsSurface ocean CO2 in 1990-2013 for global carbon budget
? ▼ containsSynthetic and Empirical Capsicum Annuum Image Dataset
? ▼ containsSystem identification (SYSID) benchmark for an active vibration isolation system (AVIS)
? ▼ containsTail and ear damage of pigs kept under different sanitary conditions
? ▼ containsTerrestrial laser scan measurements collected within the scope of SEDEX²
? ▼ containsThe effect of dose and frequency of exposure to infectious stages on trematode infection levels in mussels
? ▼ containsThe Effects of Chemical Interactions and Culture History on the Colonization of Structured Habitats by Competing Bacterial Populations: Data Set
? ▼ containsThe Egg Model - data files
? ▼ containsThe Maven Dependency Dataset
? ▼ containsThe sugar dataset - A multimodal hyperspectral dataset for classification and research
? ▼ containsThermal energy balance model of a fiber-optic cable; data from a shallow urban pond, Delft
? ▼ containsTitle and subtitles of Wikipedia articles
? ▼ containsToMockOrNotToMock
? ▼ containsTowards a generic distributed adaptive hypermedia environment
? ▼ containsTransmission Expansion Simulation for the European Northern Seas Offshore Grid
? ▼ containsTransmission Expansion Simulation for the European Northern Seas Offshore Grid (version 1)
? ▼ containsWave measurements Constantsa (Romania)
? ▼ containsWestelijke Waddenzee (bathymetric maps)
? ▼ containsWine characteristics: astringency (tasting and tests), classical parameters, polyphenols (focused on tannins), oligosaccharides and polysaccharides
? ▼ containsWrench Measurements on a Planar, Passive, 3-DoF, 3-RPR Parallel Mechanism and a Spatial, Passive, 1-DoF, 3-RRR Parallel Mechanism
? ▼ containsWrench Measurements on a Planar, Passive, 4-DoF Parallel Mechanism with Two End-Effectors and a Spatial, Passive, 2-DoF Parallel Mechanism with Two End-Effectors
? ▼ containsX-ray microtomography of early Iron Age glass beads