CollectionDatasets of master theses

?titleDatasets of master theses
Collection of datasets that belong to a master thesis.
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? ▼ contains3D Laser Scan Data: La Charce Sedimentary Outcrop, France
? ▼ containsA Bayesian Network Model for Predicting Data Breaches Caused by Insiders of a Health Care Organization
? ▼ containsAnalysis of the notional permeability of rubble mound breakwaters by means of a VOF model
? ▼ containsArmour layer stability on a bermed slope
? ▼ containsBezinken van zand in hopperzuigers
? ▼ containsBow Thruster Currents at Open Quay Constructions on Piles
? ▼ containsBreach Flow Modeled as Flow over a Weir
? ▼ containsBreakwater on steep foreshores
? ▼ containsBreakwater stability with damaged single layer armour units
? ▼ containsBreakwaters under construction exposed to oblique waves
? ▼ containsClogging of permeable pavements in semi-arid areas
? ▼ containsClosim, a simulation program on the closure of tidal basins
? ▼ containsCobble Sea Defence: Hydraulic Interface Stability of Sand underlying a Single Filter Layer
? ▼ containsCorrected DEM of Binahaan catchment Philippines based on 90 m SRTM data
? ▼ containsDamage on rock slopes under wave attack
? ▼ containsDischarge of the river Rhine and river Waal
? ▼ containsDroplet Collision for Target Shaping
? ▼ containsEffect of dragging anchors
? ▼ containsEffectiveness of Silt Screens
? ▼ containsEfficient RailML Formalization of Railway Interlocking Data
? ▼ containsErosion and sedimentation in the Geul river, Netherlands
? ▼ containsErosion tests with the annular flume
? ▼ containsErosive Bar Migration Using Density and Diameter Scaled Sediment
? ▼ containsExperimental research on dynamic dredge overflow plumes
? ▼ containsExperimental research on spatial distribution of overtopping
? ▼ containsExperimental research on the effects of surface screens on a mobile bed
? ▼ containsExperimental research on the stability of the armour and secondary layer in a single layered tetrapod breakwater
? ▼ containsExperimenteel onderzoek naar het effect van Ground Consolidators op golven (Anome)
? ▼ containsExtraction Force Xbloc: Model Tests
? ▼ containsFatigue crack growth in FM94 epoxy adhesive bonds at different temperatures
? ▼ containsFlow velocity at rubble mound breakwaters
? ▼ containsGeometrically open filters in breakwaters
? ▼ containsHet stortgedrag van een schuifstorter
? ▼ containsHet valgedrag van stortsteen onder invloed van stroming
? ▼ containsHigh-Resolution Atmospheric Modelling and the Effects on the Prediction of Wave Characteristics
? ▼ containsHISGIS: golvenmodel HISWA onder GIS pakket ARC/INFO
? ▼ containsHydraulic properties of PUR-revetments compared to those of open stone asphalt revetments
? ▼ containsHydraulic stability of tree trunks on a fixed bed
? ▼ containsHydraulic stability of tree trunks on a fixed bed
? ▼ containsHydrolin software
? ▼ containsInfluence of foreshore steepness on wave velocity and acceleration at the breakwater interface
? ▼ containsInfluences of fluid accelerations on the threshold of motion
? ▼ containsInteracting artificial surf reefs
? ▼ containsMinimum entrance width for inland ports
? ▼ containsMixing layers in open channel flow with abrupt bed roughness changes
? ▼ containsModeling the Evolution of the Wax Lake Delta in Atchafalaya Bay, Louisiana
? ▼ containsModellering van rioolstelsels tijdens water op straat: Metingen in een schaalmodel
? ▼ containsModelling bowthruster induced flow near a quay-wall
? ▼ containsModelling the equalizing process of rockfill dumps with a plough: subsea cut and transport processes
? ▼ containsMorphologische Reaktion der Waal auf Baggermaßnahmen
? ▼ containsNumerical and experimental research of wave interaction with a porous breakwater
? ▼ containsOblique wave transmission through rough impermeable rubble mound submerged breakwaters
? ▼ containsOpen filters in breakwaters with a sand core: study into the stability of granular geometrically open, hydraulically sand-open filters in breakwaters with a sand core
? ▼ containsOpen filters under wave loading, laboratory measurements
? ▼ containsPhysical model tests of the notional permeability on breakwaters
? ▼ containsPhysical model tests on stability and interlocking of new breakwater armour block Crablock
? ▼ containsPlanform changes and overbank flow in meandering rivers: The river Allier (France)
? ▼ containsProefeiland IJburg: Bepaling theoretisch zandtraject tijdens sproeiproces
? ▼ containsProper Orthogonal Decomposition and Trajectory Piecewise Linearization module for SINTEF's Matlab Reservoir Simulation Toolbox
? ▼ containsReduction of wave overtopping by Vetiver grass
? ▼ containsRegeneration of zeolites used for ammonium removal from anaerobic groundwater
? ▼ containsRemote sensing of the river Rhine plume
? ▼ containsRocking Revisited 1. Rocking of a Single Cube on a Breakwater Slope
? ▼ containsRun-up tests on a permeable slope
? ▼ containsSafety assessment of sea dikes in Vietnam; a case study in Namdinh Province
? ▼ containsScour below the toe of breakwaters: Investigation of scour formation through a geometrically open filter configuration located at the toe of a rubble mound breakwater lying upon sand
? ▼ containsSpatial distribution of wave overtopping
? ▼ containsStabiliteit van het achtertalud van een rubble mound golfbreker
? ▼ containsStability of a single top layer of cubes
? ▼ containsStability of block mats under flow conditions
? ▼ containsStability of Iceland type berm breakwaters
? ▼ containsStability of open filter structures
? ▼ containsStability of rock on slopes under wave attack: Comparison and analysis of datasets Van der Meer [1988] and Van Gent [2003]
? ▼ containsStability of Single Layer Cubes on Breakwater Rear Slope
? ▼ containsStability of wide-graded rubble mounds
? ▼ containsStatic and dynamic loads on the first row of interlocking, single layer armour units
? ▼ containsSteenstabiliteit in een turbulente stroming achter een afstap
? ▼ containsStevin Outlet Sluices: wave impact under a beam
? ▼ containsStone stability in breakwater toes based on local hydraulic conditions
? ▼ containsStrength of the grass sod on dikes during wave overtopping
? ▼ containsThe Effect of Multiple Storms on the Stability of Near-Bed Structures
? ▼ containsThe Effects of Fluctuating Operation on Reverse Osmosis Membranes
? ▼ containsThe impact of placement method on Antifer-block
? ▼ containsThe influence of armour layer and core permeability on the wave run-up
? ▼ containsThe influence of core permeability on the stability of interlocking, single layer armour units
? ▼ containsThe influence of flow acceleration on stone stability
? ▼ containsThe influence of flow acceleration on the stability of stones
? ▼ containsThe northern sea defence of Maasvlakte 2
? ▼ containsThe notional permeability of breakwaters: experimental research on the permeability factor P
? ▼ containsThe shape factor of quarry rock - Reassessment of the value and study into parameters of influence
? ▼ containsThe water balance and climate change in Lelystad
? ▼ containsTheoretical and Experimental study on the placement of Xbloc
? ▼ containsToe structure for rubble mound breakwaters: analysis of toe bund design tools and a method for toe rock stability description
? ▼ containsToe structures of rubble mound breakwater : stability in depth limited conditions
? ▼ containsTurbulence in shallow jet flows
? ▼ containsTurbulence in the wake of a roughness patch
? ▼ containsUse of culverts in dikes in the floodplain
? ▼ containsVeldproeven op steenzettingen in Zeeland
? ▼ containsVertical Flow-Induced Vibrations of Valves in Navigation Locks
? ▼ containsVetiver grass as bank protection against vessel-induced loads
? ▼ containsWave attenuation in mangrove wetlands. Red River Delta, Vietnam
? ▼ containsWave overtopping aspects of the Crest Drainage Dike
? ▼ containsWave overtopping at rubble mound breakwaters with a non-reshaping berm
? ▼ containsWave overtopping: impact of water jets on grassed inner slope transitions
? ▼ containsWave transmission at various types of low-crested structures using neural networks
? ▼ containsWind set-up data Grevelingenmeer, Netherlands
? ▼ containsWind set-up data in the IJsselmeer lake (the Netherlands)
? ▼ containsWinnowing: Sub-surface entrainment of particles
? ▼ containsZand-slibsegregatie in de Westerschelde