CollectionDatasets of dissertations

?titleDatasets of dissertations
Collection of datasets that belong to a dissertation.
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? ▼ contains"Bipedal" Spring-Loaded Inverted Pendulum (SLIP) model and an associated approximate return map in Python
? ▼ containsA vision driven wayfinding simulation system based on the architectural features perceived in the office environment
? ▼ containsAcoustic Emission during Crack Growth in FM94 Epoxy
? ▼ containsAnatomical data set measured on a male embalmed specimen
? ▼ containsAutomatic conflict resolution of social commitments using value-based models
? ▼ containsBeyoglu Preservation Area Building Features Database
? ▼ containsBusiness protocol adaptors for flexible chain formation and enactment
? ▼ containsCFD in drinking water treatment
? ▼ containsCOMSOL files used for dissertation 'Particle enhanced foam flow in porous media near the critical micelle concentration'
? ▼ containsDamage Tolerance of Adhesive Bonds - Datasets
? ▼ containsData of a web-based experiment for user preference modeling of smart homes
? ▼ containsDatabase of femur samples
? ▼ containsDataset of dissertation ‘Particle enhanced foam flow in porous media near the critical micelle concentration’
? ▼ containsDatasets of dissertation "Transport near slippery interfaces".
? ▼ containsDesign Models and Experimental Data for Conceptual Design of a Pre-Loaded Liquid Lithium Divertor Target for NSTX-U
? ▼ containsDevelopment of an in vitro vascular network using zebrafish embryonic cells
? ▼ containsDynamics of microvortices induced by ion concentration polarization
? ▼ containsEclipse Third-party Plug-ins Source code
? ▼ containsEcohydraulics in large shallow lakes: implications for management
? ▼ containsEffect of Bondline Thickness on Fatigue Crack Growth in FM94
? ▼ containsEffect of Bondline Thickness on Fatigue Crack Growth in FM94 Epoxy Adhesive Bonds - Dataset 2
? ▼ containsEnvironmental permit application process (‘WABO’), CoSeLoG project
? ▼ containsFatigue Crack Growth in FM 94 Epoxy at 80 degrees Celsius
? ▼ containsField measurements on aeolian sediment transport at the Sand Motor mega nourishment during the MegaPeX field campaign
? ▼ containsGauge Theory and Nematic Order – Data from the PhD dissertation
? ▼ containsGlobal Tide and Surge Reanalysis (GTSR)
? ▼ containsGray modeling Toolbox to predict the behavior of environmental systems
? ▼ containsHandstorm principles for creative and collaborative working
? ▼ containsHigh resolution temperature observations to identify different runoff processes
? ▼ containsInfluence of Rayleigh-Bénard convection on electrokinetic instability in overlimiting current conditions
? ▼ containsLaboratory spectroscopy experiment: Spectral reflectance of beach sand as function of surface moisture content with sample of beach sand collected from the Sand Motor, the Netherlands
? ▼ containsLimpopo National Park (Mozambique) Soil Organic Carbon study
? ▼ containsLong-term trends in nutrient budgets of the western Dutch Wadden Sea (1976 - 2012)
? ▼ containsMunicipal waste management data set
? ▼ containsOptimised control and pipe burst detection by water demand forecasting; case studies in six locations in the Netherlands
? ▼ containsOvertopping on Grass Covered Dikes: Resistance and Failure of the Inner Slopes
? ▼ containsPattern Mining for Label Ranking
? ▼ containsPlanform changes of braided rivers
? ▼ containsReceipt phase of an environmental permit application process (‘WABO’), CoSeLoG project
? ▼ containsReduction and Solving of Parity Games
? ▼ containsResults of DSL SLR
? ▼ containsShoreline Response to Detached Breakwaters in Prototype
? ▼ containsSocial commitments for location sharing: usability and rated usefulness
? ▼ containsStone Stability Under Non-uniform Flow
? ▼ containsStream restoration and sanitary infrastructure alter sources and fluxes of water, carbon, and nutrients in urban watersheds - synthesis file
? ▼ containsSupplementary movies dissertation Albertas Janulevicius
? ▼ containsTemperature model (Riotherm) files for heat modeling of wastewater in sewer networks
? ▼ containsTowards a generic distributed adaptive hypermedia environment
? ▼ containsVery Long Term Development of the Dutch Inland Waterway Transport System
? ▼ containsVragenlijst expertisegebieden binnen het docentberoep
? ▼ containsWater retention & electrical conductivity